Gmoehling Container trucks, dollies

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Gmöhling container trucks and dollies: the ingenious transport aids

Perhaps the development department at Gmöhling was thinking of the proverb about the mountain and the prophet when designing the Gmöhling container trucks with spring base. But even if that wasn't the case, these transport devices are sensationally clever! The base of the Gmöhling trolley is pushed upwards by a strong spring, so that it rises to every occasion, allowing you to save yourself the trouble of bending down when filling it! The classic aluminium container trucks are the embodiment of ingenuity as well. Depending on the model, you can fold down or lower the side panels. Or you can opt for the good ventilation provided by a fully perforated design.

Whenever it comes to combining aluminium, high quality castors and steel to produce an ingenious (rolling) container, Gmöhling is guaranteed to have the corresponding model in its product range. The company from Fürth with a long tradition has been producing tried and tested aluminium containers for all sorts of different industry sectors for more than 70 years. Stage hands working in the theatre have just as much trust in these transport aids MADE IN GERMANY as do workshops, production companies, pharmaceutical companies or event agencies. Looking for more ingenious uses for aluminium? Then take a look at, for example, Gmöhling wheeled bases and transport trolleys.