FlexPin height 1000 mm

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FlexPin, height 1000 mm, yellow / black reflective
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Product description
The FlexPin is a fully retroreflective high visibility marking, the flexible version of the LeitPin. A joint on the base of the cylinder allows it to be run into, and driven over in an emergency, without any risk. It then rights itself automatically. This also provides a high level of passive safety. Traffic cones guide traffic, provide a warning about hazards and separate lanes or different types of traffic from each other. Made of non-ageing, sturdy polyethylene.
Easy installation: a bayonet lock connects the cylinder to the sturdy base. This is bolted into the ground, or is bonded to the road surface using a standard adhesive.
Diameter: 100 mm.
Cylinder foot height: 60 mm.
Technical data
Overall height1000 mm
Post dimensions100 mm
Finishadhesive film
Post colouryellow
Type of mountingfor bolting in place with plugs or fastening with adhesive
Place of useindoor and outdoor use
Design of headflat head
Tube formround
Weight2 kg
Suppliedpre-assembled, final assembly by customer