Vikan Dustpans, shovels

Vikan dustpans and shovels: this is what professional hygiene looks like!

Heavy-duty equipment is frequently required in industrial kitchens and food production facilities. Just as well that Vikan dustpans and scoops allow you to refill ingredients in bulk or to remove food waste with a simple sweep. Like all products made by the specialists for the food industry, Vikan shovels and dustpans comply with all food safety guidelines and requirements. These handy tools ensure production residue is easy to remove and that no cross-contamination occurs, because many of the products are produced in one piece.

When it comes to uncompromising quality in cleaning and sanitary supplies, any number of companies have been putting their faith in Vikan for many years now. The Danish manufacturer has developed a number of industry standards for hygiene that apply today, thereby revolutionising the beverage and food industry in particular. But even when they’re not actually being used for food and beverages, the Vikan products we stock in our shop are a reliable choice that will still ensure a truly clean company! For example, choose Vikan brooms and brushes or put Vikan cleaning brushes to the test.