Rubbermaid Mops, mop holders

Rubbermaid mops and mop holders: systematic cleaning

Is it possible to make reliable cleaning aids such as mops or dust wipers even better? It is. Rubbermaid mops and mop holders demonstrate a systematic approach from beginning to end: mop, handle and industrial cleaning agents combine to form a compact scrubbing unit that allows you to clean more surface area with less effort – and without lugging buckets around or any other inconveniences. You'll also benefit from using Rubbermaid caddy systems and the all different types of fibres suitable for all different surfaces.

Whenever the name Rubbermaid is mentioned, everyone sooner or later thinks of waste bins and containers. No wonder, as these types of products made by the brand from Atlanta are encountered everywhere in industry and private households. How fortunate that the parent company Newell Brands is also an expert in other sectors related to cleaning. This allows us to offer you high quality Rubbermaid products for all aspects of company operations – from cleaning to outdoor areas.