Altrex – NEVADA multi purpose ladder 3-part, black

  • Professional quality – ideal for daily use
  • Ergonomic – shaped rails
  • Comfort – rungs in 30 mm intervals
10 year guarantee
10 year guarantee
Altrex – NEVADA multi purpose ladder, 3-part, black, 3 x 8 rungs
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Product description
NEVADA multi purpose ladder – ergonomic box profile for professionals
The comfortable multi purpose ladder with many clever features. The ergonomic box profile with ERGO-GRIP guarantees a stable, natural grip. The extra high rungs provide optimal support for the shins. Moreover, this multi purpose ladder is multifunctional. Use this as an extending ladder on the façade, or free standing as an A-shaped ladder. Perfect for every job.

The extra wide rungs with a non-slip step surface guarantee improved comfort when standing, and the flared rails ensure safety and stability when standing. The ladder is easy to extend and retract using the plastic guide and the wall guide rollers at the ends. The characteristic black coating looks good and repels dirt.

ERGO-GRIP ensures comfort
The box profile has an ergonomic design. This guarantees a natural grip. And makes it pleasant to use when required frequently.

A NEVADA multi purpose ladder for every job
The NEVADA multi purpose ladder is available in a 2-part and 3-part model, and in different lengths up to 10.20 m (see related products).

Safety at heights
The self-locking spreader protection prevents the ladder from collapsing during use.

More options provided by extra length
The generous rung-to-rung interval of 28 cm allows the NEVADA multi purpose ladder to reach unparalleled heights.

Extra high rungs
The multi purpose ladder features extra high rungs (30 mm). These rungs provide support for the shins. Pleasant and comfortable when spending long periods standing on the ladder.
  • Professional quality – ideal for daily use
  • Ergonomic – shaped rails
  • Comfort – rungs in 30 mm intervals
10 year guarantee
10 year guarantee
Technical data
Product typemulti-purpose ladder
Access typerungs
Frame materialaluminium
Rungs materialaluminium
Rung depth30 mm
Conforms toEN 131
Max. load150 kg