Picnic benches

Are you well seated? Or are you standing so much that your legs are getting shorter? Then take a seat. We can offer you comfortable benches – for your lunch break, for a quick chat with colleagues or to soak up some rays. We also have lovely individual models for public parks and pedestrian zones on offer

Benches – go get some fresh air!

As soon as the sun starts becoming more than just a distant disc low on the horizon, just about every employee has an urge to spend their break outdoors. Which is great, because fresh air is the best antidote to a mental block, signs of fatigue and organisational blindness. Instead of standing around uncomfortably when catching some rays, your employee can now enjoy their break on inviting seat, wooden and park benches. And you'll see: the investment will pay off.

The informal success factor

Most ideas and innovations aren't thought up when movers and shakers are concentrating and stewing over a problem at their desk. Inspiration is more likely to come during casual chats with colleagues or when lost in thought over lunch in an attractively landscaped outdoor area.

And the more comfortable your employees or partners in conversation can become, the better. For this reason alone, we make sure that our benches are not only functional, but also visually inviting, so you'll be happy to get comfortable here and chat to colleagues about everything and nothing at all. Regardless of whether it's a wooden bench, a classic park bench or a picnic table – you can choose the model that best caters to your company's requirements.

An appealingly designed outdoor area will be even more popular when you observe a number of details. A lonely bench in front of a bare wall might still find some users. And yet when you add a little greenery to the scene, set up waste collectors and ashtrays, and maybe even install a shelter, then this bench will quickly become the place to be – transcending all departments and hierarchical levels.

Picnic Benches are just the beginning

When we say that we at KAISER+KRAFT have ''everything for the outdoor area'' available, then we really mean it. And we don't just have an extensive range of products available for you, but will also provide you with advice on specific topics in our purchasing guides.
Anything else that you need to know you can ask us in person. If you'd like us to realise individual solutions for you, then you've also come to the right address.

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