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CEMO sump trays – optimum storage of liquids

Storing liquids safely is an important component of ensuring safety at your company. Safeguarding hazardous goods storage in particular is necessary to ensure that the health of you and your employees is not put at risk. Guaranteeing this is the objective pursued by CEMO sump trays, because these have absolutely no problems in managing the transport of liquids that present a potential danger. The CEMO universal trays are available in different materials, such as plastic, sheet steel or steel. Furthermore, the sump trays are available in many different sizes, ensuring that there is the right CEMO tray with the right capacity for every job.

The trailblazer in the storage and transport technology sector has once again done justice to its high quality standards with its CEMO sump trays. This product makes working with hazardous liquids much safer. Decide on a CEMO sump tray, because this means deciding to implement high safety standards and will make work more efficient as well.