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If you are looking for a straightforward way of affixing labels, planning segments or markings variably, then magnetic strips are exactly the right product for you. Our range of magnetic strips is highly versatile and covers a wide range of different uses. Among other things, we offer magnetic strips sold by the metre, which you can cut to individual size and can write on again and again, as well as printed day and month labels, and self adhesive magnetic strips that stick to magnetic surfaces. And this in different lengths, widths and colours.

Magnetic, attracted to magnetic fields – what's the difference?
The majority of our range of magnetic strip products are magnetic, meaning the products are attracted to ferrous surfaces. Also important is that they may not be used on magnetic surfaces, as otherwise they will be demagnetised. When it comes to magnetic strips that have magnetic fields, exactly the opposite principle applies. Magnets can be affixed to them, as is the case with a whiteboard. Speaking of whiteboards, magnetic strips are extremely useful as a visual aid, not only for planning in the office or labelling shelves in the warehouse – but also for presentation and moderation purposes.