Dataflex Projector trolleys

Dataflex projector trolleys – safe transport for your next presentation

In order to be able to transport all the devices you need for your next presentation safely and straightforwardly, you need the Dataflex projector trolley. The projector trolley is available with different equipment features, ensuring you can choose the projector trolley that is perfect for your requirements. The projector transporter is available for one or two monitors and the individual parts are both depth adjustable and can be tilted. In addition, you can affix a small form factor PC to the foam rubber non-slip tray using the belt to ensure a firm hold, or transport an item of media equipment such as a laptop or a keyboard and mouse station using the various Dataflex projection trolleys available.

Dataflex stands for high quality in the office equipment sector, and unites functionality with design. Dataflex has been offering a wide range of products from document holders to monitor arms, as well as the Dataflex projector trolleys, to give you active support with your future presentations for more than 30 years.