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Projector trolleys

Allow us: our mobile helpers and companions for your next presentation. Projector trolleys transport the projection devices and other display technology to exactly where they are needed. And isn't it great when you can rely on your assistant?
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Universal trolley
with three levels
Glass projection board
for 16:9 format
MAUL - Projector table
height adjustment range 750 - 1200 mm
OHP / projector trolley
HxWxD 882 x 508 x 432 mm
Projection screen
for dual rail system
from £496.00
Projector trolley
height adjustment range 800 - 1250 mm
6 items found
Projector trolleys – quietly helping with your presentation!
A good projector trolley saves nerves – which everyone who, shortly before a presentation, has desperately tried to make the projector suspended from the ceiling work will know. Thanks to projector trolleys, you can now skip this step, because the projector technology is, should things go wrong, within reach. And a projector trolley also ensure you remain flexible. Do you need, for example, to use your projector in different conference rooms? No problem. Simply set up the projector table at the suitable interval in the room, and you have a razor sharp image on the wall or screen – regardless of where you currently are. Projector trolleys like this are not only indispensable at trade fairs and conferences, but also for those holding seminars, and in schools and universities.

Height adjustable or tilting: the projector trolley details count.
You place your projection equipment on a projector trolleys – what can go wrong? Unfortunately, it's not always as easy as this, and before making a purchase, you should give a little thought to how you will be using your new projector table. One important aspect is, for example, having the right size. If you wish to set up your projector trolley right at the front of the room, then you should make sure that the projector trolley does not block the audience's view. Conversely, you need to make sure that a project table to be placed at the back of the room is high enough – because otherwise the colleague sitting at the table may end up blocking the image being projected onto the screen. Or, if you prefer not to have to think about things like this at all, then you're best off deciding to purchase a height adjustable model right from the start. You will also find projector tables in our product range with tilting surfaces, or with several levels. The latter is always practical when you wish to keep a laptop, laser pointer or important documents in your projector trolley along with a projector or overhead projector. Decoders, cameras or monitors will also find room, depending on the version – find the right model for your needs now!
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