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CWS sanitary supplies – keeping the world clean and safe

There's more demand for the products made by leading manufacturers of sanitary supplies than ever. After all, concepts that aim to prevent infections begin in the washroom, WC and social area. When it comes to hand washing and fail-safe sanitisation, there's any number of companies that rely on CWS sanitary supplies. The soaps, disinfectants, paper towels and dispensers are not only designed to make hygiene a routine activity – they also comply with all specific industry requirements and regulations. What a relief to be able to rely on washroom equipment in times like these!

Originally, CWS stood for Conrad Wolfgang Schnyder, who was the founder of a Swiss sanitary supplier. He developed the first fabric towel dispenser in 1958, thereby laying the foundation for unparalleled market success. Today, CWS stands for “Clean. Well. Safe.” These are the three pillars on which the entire social room and sanitary supplies product range rests and that allowed to the company to make a name for itself in any number of countries.