mauser Stacking boxes

mauser stacking containers: a compact insider's tip for well organised storage

When you choose mauser stacking boxes for sorting, storing and transporting all sorts of different goods, then you must be party to insider knowledge: containers made of high quality polyethylene can be placed in stable stacks without gaps, meaning that less floor space is needed while protecting the contents from dust, dirt or damage. The universal stacking containers for order picking trolleys will also help you put together deliveries even faster from now on.

Not only in terms of clever storage equipment is mauser is a prime example of well thought-out and straightforward products that score points with innovative ideas in all the right corners. Our mauser brand shop also sets the bar pretty high when it comes to office furniture, along with suitable accessories and other equipment for the company. The experts from Hesse love functional understatement combined with uncompromising Made in Germany quality. All this for a great price, too. Like all good things that come in threes, this will win over anyone who wants to keep an eye on their budget and keep things organised.