RuXXac Sack trucks

RuXXac sack trucks – design meets functionality

When transporting bulky and heavy loads, you need something special to help you. The sack trucks made by RuXXac provide you with the ideal solution, as the transport trucks are made from chrome plated steel components, and offer a high degree of stability. Along with an elegant design, the chair trucks are also characterised by their functionality, as the robust folding footplate with which the stacking trucks are equipped allows the load to be secured reliably. What's more, the transport aids feature a unique Spannfix system that optimally secures the goods you are transporting and ensures safe transport. The sack barrows feature puncture proof tyres, and the RuXXac sacks trucks are equipped with extra wide wheels to make them particularly stable.

RuXXac has been an established brand in the transport truck sector for more than 80 years. Particularly sturdy and robust device construction and the patented fold technology of the RuXXac transport trucks are what makes these products special. Purchase yourself a RuXXac sack truck now to make easy and safe transport of all sorts of different objects possible.