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Kongamek platform trolleys: choosing the basics

Many companies do not actually need special transport equipment and trolleys. High quality all-rounders are perfectly adequate for a wide range of transport requirements. What would we recommend as a solution? Kongamek platform trolleys – unequivocally! The platform trolleys with high load bearing capacities come in a wide variety of designs: with side panels or end panels, with a container truck, mesh components, or as a standard model. Off the cuff, you're probably able to come up with ten things that the trolley of your choice could help you with – and exactly this is the “magic” of these versatile platform trolleys!

While Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB in Tingsryd might not actually have any magic tricks up its sleeve, the high quality Swedish bestsellers on wheels and castors still work wonders when used in internal logistics. Kongamek has stood for unwavering quality and innovative transport ideas for many years now. When you shop in our Kongamek brand shop, you will be amazed by everything roll containers, assembly trolleys and the like can do when real professionals are at work.