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VAR ashtrays: style combined with sturdiness

Cigarette butts are not exactly a feast for the eyes. Not only that, they also represent a fire hazard. Which makes it all the better when ashtrays for outdoor facilities at the company are able to nip these problems in the bud: VAR ashtrays combine a stylish appearance with the reliable extinguishing properties of non-combustible stainless steel and fire extinguishers. If you'd like, you can even have some models fitted out with advertising or information signs. That will catch everyone's eye – and for all the right reasons.

Whether it features a protective hood or not, is able to be locked, or is suitable for mounting to a wall: waste bins of all shapes and sizes have a long tradition at VAR GmbH, which hails from Marl. And this has been the case for more than 40 years. As a supplier of genuine Made-in-Germany products, the Westphalia-based company not only has quality in mind, but has also adapted to the times we are living through. Ever since the pandemic first broke out, they have also been producing high quality products for sanitary needs. And they do so with the same eye for modern company equipment that they bring to their core business.