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Rubbermaid recyclable waste collectors – easy operation and easy transport

Even when you put a lot of effort into reducing the amount of rubbish you produce, you can't avoid it altogether. The Rubbermaid recyclable waste collectors are the perfect aid and make rubbish easy to dispose of. The sorting and collection containers for recyclable waste are available in different versions, e.g. with a hand operated or a foot operated access flap. A waste sack holding mechanism in the waste collectors makes it easy to replace the waste sacks. Because they are made of plastic, you can set up the Rubbermaid recyclable waste containers both inside buildings, as well as outdoors. The Rubbermaid waste collectors can be used individually, while the recyclable waste collectors can be expanded to form a sorting system. Furthermore, the Rubbermaid recyclable waste collectors are also available as a mobile version equipped with castors, making them easy to manoeuvre.

Rubbermaid is a manufacturer of innovative and solution-based products which can be found in the most diverse industries and categories. Rubbermaid also has the right solution for your company to cater to its individual recycling program.