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VAR recyclable waste collectors: a practical approach to recycling

Everyone knows how important it is to recycle properly. Everyone also knows that separating waste separation is crucial for this. But let's face it: getting everyone to do it is not always easy. Unless you equip social rooms and company areas with VAR recyclable waste collectors. Because these waste bins provide perfect clarity: if the colour code used on the designs for indoor and outdoor facilities doesn't provide enough motivation, clearly designed symbols will help even the last person understand what needs to be done. Of course, all recyclable waste collectors exhibit high quality workmanship and are easy to empty. After all, they were made by VAR.

At the factory in Marl, no-one spends unnecessary time wondering how sustainable recycling management is supposed to work – after all, VAR GmbH has more than 40 years of experience with rubbish bins and has a tradition of keeping up with the times. They proved this only recently when they expanded production to include sanitary products when the coronavirus pandemic first broke out. And what was the result? What can only be called another Made-in-Germany success for VAR.