VAR Waste collectors

VAR rubbish bins: a subtle difference

What distinguishes a waste bin from a rubbish bin? Well, the term used to refer to them might be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet VAR rubbish bins show that there are a few important features that may also end up being decisive. For example, high quality waste bins for indoor and outdoor use are made of hardwearing sheet steel that is stylish and safe at the same time. Moreover, the best rubbish bins also have easily accessible deposit slots and are easy to empty. Admittedly, this is true of many waste bins as well – at least those that also were made by VAR.

After all, why should you opt for second best when you can turn to VAR GmbH from Marl, the undisputed specialists in Made-in-Germany waste management for the company? VAR has shown how well it masters its area of expertise for 40 years now – and its success in the cleaning and sanitation sector will continue to go from strength to strength with its new mainstay, disinfectants.