NEO e-module

The all rounder from EUROKRAFTpro

Platform truck with integrated electric drive
  • Continuous 24/7 operation due to the replaceable battery system
  • Suitable for modular use – can be combined with eight truck types
  • Ergonomic – significantly improves productivity/efficiency
  • Modern Bluetooth technology means cable-free installation; uninterrupted fleet operation guaranteed
  • Powerful drive unit for up to 500 kg
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Genuine spare parts and custom models possible due our own production processes

Experience the NEO e-module

The new way to transport loads with ease

NEO e-module combined with different products

Flexible to combine

You can retrofit EUROKRAFTpro trucks in your fleet with the NEO e-module. We will first verify whether this is possible for your truck.

Or you can order the e-module already combined with different EUROKRAFTpro trucks.

Replaceable battery from a NEO e-module

Always ready for operation

Powerful, replaceable lithium-ion battery: one battery charge provides up to 8 hours of operating time, along with full mobility: continuous operation is possible by simply replacing the batteries.

Charging time: 6 hours until fully charged. Charging adapter: not included

NEO e-module

Powerful drive unit

With a max. load of up to 500 kg, the electric drive makes safe, fatigue free and ergonomic work possible.

Integrated foot protection: prevents trapping under the drive

Fleet operation with the NEO e-module

Multiple modules can be used together without interfering with each other

Modern Bluetooth technology means cable-free installation; uninterrupted fleet operation guaranteed.

No connection errors to other devices that are nearby.

Everything within reach

NEO e-module drawbar head

Ergonomic drawbar head

Fatigue free operation and easy steering using the sturdy tubular handles

NEO e-module

Infinite speed adjustment

Maximum speed 4 km/h.
Creep speed: can be activated as required, for high precision forward and reverse motion.

NEO e-module

Safety belly switch

Prevents entrapment when reversing, in signal colour red

NEO e-module drawbar head with horn

Warning function

Easily audible horn on the drawbar head for early warning about accident hazards

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