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The EUROKRAFTpro NEO e-module

Electrifying transport

Are platform trolleys with heavy loads being moved around in your warehouse? Then start making work easier and more efficient for your employees: upgrade your transport equipment by adding our e-module. The electric drive makes it easy to move loads of up to 500 kg. This not only takes most of the strain off both the user and the equipment, but also speeds up your work processes.

Platform trolley with integrated electric drive

This is what you can use it for

Flexible combination options

You can purchase the EUROKRAFTpro NEO e-module either individually, or in combination with our own platform trolleys from our product range.

Planning reliability

We guarantee an after-sales service of 5 years and an excellent spare parts availability.


You benefit from premium quality, backed by a 10 year guarantee.


This product has been endorsed with the activeGreen label.


Significantly improvements to work performance / efficiency

Use your electric drive

Everywhere where manually operated fork lift trucks are used

Always ready for operation

  • Easy assembly: highly versatile modular design
  • Drive battery: spare lithium-ion battery
  • Charging status: indicated visually and acoustically by a battery level indicator
  • Full mobility: up to 8 h of operation with one battery charge
  • Spare battery system: simply replace the drained battery with a fully charged one to ensure continuous operation.
  • Pairing: via Bluetooth, wireless. Fleet operation possible.
  • Charging time: 6 h until fully charged
  • Charging adapter: can be found under Accessories

Easy navigation

  • Fatigue-free operation: due to ergonomically shaped, multifunctional drawbar head
  • Easy steering: due to sturdy tubular handles
  • Infinitely adjustable speed control: using two thumb keys (maximum speed is 4 km/h)
  • Creep speed: can be activated as required, for high precision forward and reverse motion
  • Warning function: horn on drawbar head
  • Safety belly switch: prevents anything being caught when reversing
  • Integrated foot protection: prevents being caught under the drive unit
  • For everyone: no certificate of competence required
  • Protection against theft: access control by means of lock
NEO e-module pha
  • Thumb key (infinitely adjustable speed control)
  • Belly switch
  • Horn
  • Creep speed mounting adapter
  • USB charging port below belly switch


Upon request, you can purchase your transport equipment with our NEO e-module in an RAL colour of your choice.

The RAL colour fan
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