Workshop category

Design your working environment to suit your needs

Workshop equipment

For the perfect start to work. And a relaxed end to the day.

Lockers, locking compartments

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  • Perfect storage spaces for every requirement – whether on a plinth, with feet, a bench or with an anti-bacterial coating
  • Secure storage of clothing and valuables provided by different types of locks
  • Varied product range with different designs, colours and sizes

Industrial matting

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  • The right matting for every workplace, more than 50 types of anti-fatigue matting, which is also available in the required length
  • More productive and fitter employees due to better circulation and less strain on the muscles
  • Water proof and anti-slip matting with tapered edges to help prevent accidents

Work clothing

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  • Work equipment and clothing for a safe workplace
  • Respiratory, eye and hearing protection for particularly demanding workplaces
  • Work gloves and safety shoes for a wide range of different uses

Cloakroom benches

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  • Wood, plastic or stainless steel – the perfect cloakroom bench for your changing room
  • The right model for every requirement, whether folding, with a back rest or hook rail, one-sided or two-sided, with or without a shoe rack
  • Impressive in terms of functionality, robustness and price performance ratio

Organisation systems

Everything for a well organised workshop.

Steel cupboards

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  • Whether it’s a battery charging cabinet, a stainless steel cupboard, a safety cabinet or the classic universal cupboard – you are guaranteed to find the right product here
  • Efficient use of space made easy – from hinged doors to vertical pull-outs
  • The all rounder among the cupboards – robust, durable, easy to care for and can be locked securely using the cylinder lock

Workbenches, work tables

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  • Workplace systems provide modular concepts that have the flexibility to adapt to workflows and processes
  • Workbenches for any requirement – from entry-level models to professional ones, in a modular design as well as suitable for combining with cupboards, drawers and different worktops to suit preferences
  • Stable and robust work, packing or workbenches – with the option of height adjustment

Perforated panel systems

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  • A wide variety of sheet steel panels, suitable for combining different dimensions
  • With a uniform hole matrix extending across different panels, tools remain within easy reach at eye level
  • Intelligent range of accessories, specifically produced for requirements in production and maintenance

PC cupboards, PC trolleys

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  • Practical and flexible to use – a place to keep the printer, keyboard or other hardware
  • The ideal partner for the workshop, warehouse, office or in manufacturing
  • Whether for the office or the workshop, with castors or without – can be modified to suit surroundings and employees in no time at all

Workshop equipment

Perfectly configured.

Workshop equipment

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  • Wide range of furnishings and equipment options for your industrial workplace
  • With a wide range of aids and accessories, every requirement is catered to
  • From renowned brand manufacturers to our exclusive own brands

Hand tools

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  • Professional hand tools from A to Z
  • Structured sub-categories and extensive options for related products to cater to every requirement
  • Perfectly equipped with practical tool sets

Industrial chairs

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  • Modern, ergonomic industrial chairs promote a healthy posture when seated
  • Individual selection criteria for special requirements
  • Suitable for every area of use – whether in the laboratory, assembly, warehouse, production lines or in the office

ESD workspace

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  • Electrostatic protection, from floor coverings, clothing, tables and chairs to transport equipment
  • All products comply with EN 61340-5-1
  • Secondary costs in the form of subsequent product failure, complaints and repair costs can thereby be avoided

Safety at height and around your premises

High visibility in all the right places.

Outdoor areas

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  • Make areas for relaxing outdoors attractive for employees and customers
  • Secure and mark traffic routes on the company premises
  • Keep outside areas safe and clean in all seasons

Ladders, scaffolds

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  • Professional access technology for safe work at any height
  • Ladders and scaffolds for different uses and areas of use
  • Products that comply with standards and available as high quality brands made by leading manufacturers, and the eurokraft own brand

Safety symbols and signs

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  • Escape signs are a quick and reliable way to point out the safest route to safety equipment or emergency exits
  • Test placards and warnings ensure safe equipment and a safe workplace
  • Fire protection markings in accordance with the statutory fire protection regulations save lives

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