Rubbermaid Outdoor ashtrays

Rubbermaid ashtrays: reliable service in the background

Even though ashtrays provide a stylish solution to the unsightly problem of cigarette butts, not every business wants its customers or visitors to see and smell them close up. Rubbermaid ashtrays represent the middle ground, skilfully combining an inconspicuous, slender form with maximum safety and cleanliness for outdoor areas. As column ashtrays, they stylishly harmonise with their surroundings while providing a signal effect for smokers. The column ashtrays for keeping things tidy can be set up as free-standing ashtray or be attached to a wall, and feature safety details such as a low oxygen intake and a self-extinguishing design.

We can only repeat what we've already said: our huge Rubbermaid brand shop is always worthwhile if you are looking for reliable, practical and visually unobtrusive products for your cleaning and sanitary needs. The waste bins of the multi-brand from Atlanta are one of our most popular products. So too are the cleaning accessories, and the products for outdoor area always earn a thumbs up from us and our customers.