Ceiling fans

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BLACK MAGIC, TROPICAL, CARIBBEAN BREEZE and FRIZZ! – if this makes you think of cocktails, then you're pretty close: we're talking about summer, sunshine – and our range of high performance ceiling fans. Ceiling fans provide a light flow of air in the summer months, ensuring a pleasant climate in the room. In contrast to air conditioners, they do not change the room temperature, instead generating evaporative cooling on your skin with the swirling air they produce. Summertime is fan time? Absolutely, but ceiling fans are also highly practical during the heating period, and can even help to save energy: which the air flows downwards in the summer months, the device is switched to reverse rotation in winter, ensuring air flows upwards. The effect: the warmth produced by the heaters is distributed across the room more effectively by mixing the warm air at the top of the room with the colder layer of air near the floor. For you, this means that you need less heating overall while your feet still remain toasty warm.

Your room, your ceiling fan
When choosing a new ceiling fan, think of the following: if in doubt, choose the bigger model. Because a large ceiling fan rotates more slowly – and therefore more quietly – when set to the lowest setting than smaller models. On the other hand, a very large ceiling fan may be a bit of an eyesore in a small room. Good ventilation is guaranteed in any case by using the following rule of thumb: for smaller rooms with an area of up to 10 m², the smallest models, measuring 70 cm, are recommended. For rooms of average size, this being around 15 m², the diameter should extend to at least 105 cm, and rooms with 20 m² or more, models with a span of at least 132 cm are required. Because the devices always function with a circular effect, this information applies for roughly square-shaped rooms. If the room has an L-shape or is elongated, then installing several ceiling fans may be your best bet. Just how much power a model has is not just determined by the diameter, but also by number and shape of the blades. The more blades and the steeper their inclination, the more air can be swirled around. A fan is not only responsible for ensuring the climate in the room is pleasant, but just like a lamp, it should also contribute to the style of the room and the furnishings around it. Or it can even replace the lamp should you decide for a ceiling-mounted model with an integrated light. Furthermore, you have a choice: would you prefer to operate it using a drive chain, a wall-mounted switch or by remote control? Either way, you'll find we have something suitable for you. And if you have particular requirements of your new ceiling fan? Our service team will be more than happy to help you choose exactly the right product.